Face Up to Peace  Alive Today Enterprises  Sedona, AZ  USA  Phone: 928 451 9650  Byron Bay NSW  Australia  Phone: 0428 369 326   History  A passion for mask making sparked a dream for a million peace masks to be shown on the Washington Monument lawn.   Mask Gallery  Countries currently represented:  Australia   Germany   Scotland   UK   USA    Mask making for peace  Before the Iraq war began, a group called the Voices of Hope regularly met in living rooms in Sedona, Arizona to discuss participant’s thoughts and feelings about the war. One participant, Pash Galbavy, who was passionate about mask making, suggested making life sized figures with the masked hands and faces of their makers, decorated to represent their visions for peace.  Five participants made six figures that were exhibited at the Sedona Marketplace for the Peace Prayers Project 2003, with an opening night community celebration on September 11th, in honor and remembrance of 9/11.   Face Up to Peace  After hearing about efforts to establish a US Department of Peace (DOP), mask making was again employed, this time as a way to raise awareness for the DOP.    The AIDS Quilt Project was the inspiration for Face Up to Peace and a dream to have a million peace masks on the Washington Monument lawn to show the numbers and diversity of people supporting the DOP.  Present   Face Up to Peace now supports awareness raising efforts for Departments of and Ministries for Peace worldwide.  Mask workshops and physical displays have been offered in local communities in America and Australia, and the online display currently represents people from five countries.   Future   Mask making scholarships through sponsorship are intended to be offered in the future, and the dream of a million masks on the Washington Monument lawn is still alive. Meanwhile, it is hoped that people from all countries will participate in online and local Face Up to Peace mask making and sharing experiences.  Departments of and Ministries for Peace Initiatives Worldwide  Australia I Canada I Italy I Japan I Nepal I UK I USA I International People’s Initiative for Depts. of Peace
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