Face Up to Peace  Alive Today Enterprises  Sedona, AZ  USA  Phone: 928 451 9650  Byron Bay NSW  Australia  Phone: 0428 369 326   Mask a Mask  There are endless ways to make a mask and decorate it with your vision of peace. Below are some possibilities.   Mask Gallery  Countries currently represented:  Australia   Germany   Scotland   UK   USA    Make a mask  A basic mask shell can be made in any one of the following ways (or many others!):  •	Mask Making Kit: Make a mask of your face using a mask making kit.  •	Plaster Bandages: Secure hair back. Cover face with olive oil or petroleum jelly. Place wet strips of 		plaster bandage material all over the face, leaving holes for mouth and/or nose. Let dry. Remove.   •	Cardboard or Paper Plates:  Cut into the shape you desire, & cut eye & mouth holes or just paint.   Share your vision of peace  What does “Peace” mean to you? Why do you think having Departments of and Ministries for Peace is important?  Decorate your mask according to your vision of peace. First paint, then decorate using feathers, beads, glass or anything you want on your mask to show your vision of  “Peace.” If you want to, cut little holes in the side and add ties to wrap the mask around your head.   Give your mask a name or title. Write about what your mask means to you.  Or find something that someone else has written that tells what your mask is about.   Add your mask to the Face Up to Peace Gallery  Other ways to Face Up to Peace   •	Add costumes to wear with your masks and create a short play to show what the masks mean.   •	Organize a Face Up to Peace mask display at peace related events or other venues and tell people 		about your vision and about Departments of and Ministries for Peace.  •	Make a mask as part of becoming an Emissary of Peace.   •	Please tell us about what you’ve done, as we ‘d like to include stories about it here in the future.  Departments of and Ministries for Peace Initiatives Worldwide  Australia I Canada I Italy I Japan I Nepal I UK I USA I International People’s Initiative for Depts. of Peace
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